Welcome to the project website of the COST Action MP0701.
The COST Action MP0701 entitled “Composites with novel functional and structural properties by nanoscale materials (Nano Composite Materials – NCM)” has been started on March 7, 2008 with the 1st Meeting of the Management Committee in Brussels and will have a duration of four years.

Materials made with nanoscale components are adding new dimensions to composite materials and major improvements in functional and structural properties are within reach. Such nanocomposites are of great importance for a multitude of industrial uses in automotive, aerospace, consumer products and mechanical engineering. In order to accelerate growth of this promising new field of technology, taking into account sustainability, safety and health, this COST activity is considered the most appropriate way of cooperation to facilitate its commercial exploitation in Europe. The interdisciplinary scientific technical COST network will create valuable links for the European research area, and will strengthen the approach to build scientific excellence in this field. This will stimulate European cooperation, technology transfer and will create valuable input from nationally funded projects for European industry with special focus on SMEs.

The COST action joins 31 countries and 3 reciprocal COST countries (Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa).

Initiated by ENMAT

Funded within COST action MP0701